Cancer is the diagnosis no parent wants to hear

We're here for kids and their families when they face this terrible disease 

Pediatric Foundation offers financial support for children who travel for life saving treatments.

There is nothing more devastating to a parent than hearing their child has cancer. All other priorities fade away compared to a fierce determination to seek the best medical care and life saving treatments, available only at Children's Hospitals in large cities. For most families, that means traveling far from home and facing financial difficulties. 

Pediatric Foundation provides direct financial support to Central Oregon families who have a child with cancer and must travel long distances to receive advanced diagnostics and treatments such as surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, and bone marrow transplants. These treatments typically last for months or even years.

Your contribution provides the funding to support these families with their travel expenses (gas, food, lodging) and has a direct impact on a parent's ability to care for their child. When families can travel together without the worry of the extra expense, they can spend time focusing on the child and their needs.

Families Healing Together​

Traveling to treat a child for cancer is expensive and stressful, and can be heartbreaking when some family members have to stay behind. That's why we're here - to provide financial support so that families can worry less about money and more about being together.

We also have a food account at Doernbecher Children's Hospital so families can eat together in the cafe, or grab snacks in the hallway kiosks. It's nice when parents can use their account to buy ice cream and treats for their child in treatment. They can also grab dinner-to-go on their way out of town for the long trip home.

When the Ronald McDonald House is full, parents call us for help. We have discounted rates at local hotels and we help with lodging reservations and costs.

When a parent has a unique need, we're the ones they call. From pet sitting to emergency lawn care, or even new snow tires, we can source that help.